About Achor

Achor Technologies, Inc., -All Things Connected

Achor Technologies, Inc., is a technology development company.  The organization is structured as a “technology authority” by leveraging and utilizing relationships with individuals, investors, inventors and businesses to research, create and develop new and progressive technologies to provide humanistic and value-added solutions to real-life situations.  Achor Technologies, Inc., is currently focused on the discovery, design, build-out and deployment of its proprietary services network, the Network Services System Platform (NSSP).
The manner in which the NSSP is constructed, operated and supported, creates a platform that allows for the delivery of information and services to websites and wireless devices.  The utilization of the internet and its underpinning network infrastructure as our transport mechanism provides the NSSP with reliability, redundancy and survivability.  The structure and manner in which the NSSP utilizes and interacts with the internet is proprietary and is protected by a patent filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Short-Term Objectives

Short-term objectives focus on design and implementation of Achor’s proprietary encrypted network, which supports Giftwish™ Box and the growth and development of all future applications and services.

Secondary Objectives

Secondary objectives are the design and prelaunch of Achor’s patent pending Giftwish Box v1.0, created to generate a strong, relevant user base; immediately following, the design and launch of Giftwish Box v1.1 to serve as an initial revenue stream for continued development of Giftwish™ Box and future Achor IP development.